Buldan Peshtemal Towels, $50

These cotton peshtemals were woven by father and son, Turgut and Ahmet Efeoğlu, in the town of Buldan for Stories + Objects. Traditionally used in the Turkish bath, these lightweight towels are also perfect for the beach and poolside. Sold in a set of two oversized towels with a S+O signature canvas duster bag.

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The Story


The sound of the loom is the signature song of the town of Buldan, a well-known weaver's enclave in the inner Aegean region of Denizli, Turkey where the tradition is believed to date to Roman times as far back as 800 BC. For much of the past, cotton sourced from nearby fields traveled into the village where nearly every home had a hand loom and at least one family member contributing to the making of local peshtemal garments and towels. Today, much of the work is done by modern machines in large, regional factories, while only a small group of weavers, from ages twenty to ninety-three, continue to make the homespun creations by hand or by mechanized work benches.

The Destination


The Denizli province, including the village of Buldan, is deeply rooted in Turkey's rich textile cultural legacy with quality cotton grown in the area for the expert weavers to craft their wares,  including peshtemal towels which originate from the region.  The abundant mineral springs throughout the area allowed it to develop as a prominent spa destination from Roman times until today.  The relics and ruins of these settlements set within the otherworldly landscapes, such as the UNESCO World Heritage site Pamukkale, are associated with these healing waters, and can still be enjoyed by travelers in the here and now.