Havana, Cuba

Travel Notes

Havana, the capital city of the nostalgic, forbidden isle of Cuba, was founded in 1514 as a strategic location for the Spanish conquest of the Americas by the explorer Diego Velásquez. Its low-lying colonial architecture is melded in with towering Brutalist structures that are both often aging in beautiful decay. Havana is sensory overload. Its colorful character, that of the city and of the people, and the music that fills the dance halls into the streets carry an optimistic spirit that is as refreshing as it is puzzling given the scarcity on the island. Those who take the chance to visit before inevitable change comes to call will forever romanticize the moment when Cuba was both a glamorous time capsule and Cold War relic.

Peso CUP \ CUC

Time Zone
Eastern Standard

Local Cuisine
Latin, Caribbean
Best time to visit
December - May

Dress Code
Bright Prints, Washed Linen

Palacete Del Vedado Mansion Hotel Stay In Havana, Cuba | Stories + Objects Global Traveler Magazine

Hotel Florida

Calle Obispo nº252
Habana Viejo, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 862 4127

Hotel Inglaterra

Paseo del Prado nº416 y San Rafael
Havana, Cuba
+53 7 338 593

Hotel Nacional De Cuba

Calle 21 y O, Vedado
Havana, Cuba
+53 7 836 3564

Palacete del Vedado

Calle D nº154 entre Línea y Calzada Vedado
Havana, Cuba
+34 64 959 0449


Paladar La Cocina de Lilliam

Calle 48 nº1311
Playa, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 209 6514

La Guarida

Calle Concordia nº418 entre Gervasio y Escobar
Havana Centro, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 866 9047

El Floridita

Calle Obispo nº557 esq. a Monserrate,
Havana Vieja, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 867 1299

La Guardia Cuban Restaurant Havana, Cuba | Stories + Objects Global Traveler Tips
Boxing Gym In Havana, Cuba | Stories + Objects Global Traveler Magazine


Gimnasio De Boxeo Rafael Trejo
Calle Cuba nº815
Havana, Cuba
+53 7 862 0266


La Casa de la Música
Calle Galiano entre Neptuno y Concordia
Havana Centro, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 862 4165

Tropicana Club
Calle 72 y Linea de Ferrocarril
Mariano, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 267 17 17

Fábrica de Arte Cubano FAC
Calle 26 equina 11
Vedado, Havana, Cuba
+53 7 83 82 260


The Malecón

Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba

Havana Vieja [Old Havana]

Havana, Cuba

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña

Havana, Cuba

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The Objects

Exclusive Edition 002 CIGARRO PURO

This farm-rolled cigar is made from tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo, the celebrated farming region of Pinar de Río in Cuba. Many of the farmers who continue the tradition of cultivating the plant come from a long line of ancestors who settled in the area from the Canary Islands of Spain. The Spanish fascination with tobacco began some five hundred years ago after Christopher Columbus discovered the island and dispatched emissaries to the interior of the island where they found the native Taíno participating in smoke rituals to communicate with their idols. Whereas today a Cuban cigar is seen as status symbol or for celebrations, in Cuba all classes of men and women enjoy the cigarro puro as a daily ritual. Available exclusively on Stories + Objects, the cigarro puro is a limited edition memento rolled in Cuban newspaper and presented in a hand-planed Spanish cedar and stone clay humidor.


Exclusive Edition Cigarro Puro Humidor in fragrant Spanish cedar and stone clay. Designed for Stories+Objects by Marie Perrin-McGraw and Jacob Van Vranken, each cigar humidor comes with a souvenir cigarro puro hand-rolled in the illustrious tobacco region of Pinar de Río, Cuba.

The Story


Hector Luis Prieto was thirty-six years old in 2007 when he was awarded the prestigious honor of Hombre Habano, an annual award for the best quality production of tobacco in the cigar industry.As the youngest Hombre Habano in history, having won the award multiple times ever since, Prieto’s San Juan y Martinez plantation provides Cuba’s Habanos S.A. with one of the most exceptional tobacco blends, grown exclusively for the country’s premium cigar brands Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta.

The Story


Hirochi Robaina is a fifth-generation tobacco farmer in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba’s illustrious, tobacco-growing region situated in San Luis, Pinar del Río.

Following the traditions of his ancestors, and most notably of his grandfather Don Alejandro Robaina, Hirochi is at the helm of La Finca El Pinar Robaina, perhaps the most famous tobacco farm in the region, if not the world. Initially known for the high yield of quality tobacco for the wrapper, which is the most difficult to produce, the plantation now focuses its tobacco production on the Vegas Robaina premium cigar brand, exclusively distributed by Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company.