John Hardy Classic Chain Collection

One of John Hardy’s first collections descended directly from traditional Balinese chain weaving. Chain weaving has been present in Bali for centuries, and became more and more complex and beautiful as methods flowed along the spice trade routes between Indonesia, India, China, and beyond. Each Classic Chain is the work of a single artist, from start to finish, giving each object slightly different contours, movement and feel. Silver and gold links are still woven by hand, and the finished chain is kneaded and polished. It takes four hours to weave one inch of the Classic Chain. Available readily in reclaimed silver or gold and in various gemstone combinations on their website or personalized to meet one’s own aesthetic vision per the inquiry button below.

The Story


Ni Made Rentini is a jewelry artisan employed at John Hardy, a luxury jewelry brand established in Bali, Indonesia in 1975. John Hardy is known for its dedication to preserving the traditional arts of the Balinese culture through its hand-crafted jewelry made exclusively from ethically sourced gemstones and reclaimed silver and gold. Rentini has mastered the craft of chain weaving over the twenty years she has spent working at the company. She likens her work process, although more complicated in the nature of its design and materials, to that of the weaving skills passed down from generation to generation and used in the communities to fashion the offerings for daily temple rituals.

The Destination


Bali is known for its idyllic beaches and surf breaks, but a more relaxed and verdant beauty awaits travelers willing to traverse the land to the more pristine jungle and rice paddy landscapes surrounding Ubud. The UNESCO designated water canals and sacred flowing rivers dominate the scenery which is a welcome respite from the cacophonous and chaotic streets of Kuta, Seminyak and beyond. Ubud town is a lively, yet more relaxed, mix of locals and artistic-leaning ex-patriots which means there is a nice balance of the quiet nature one desires and high quality amenities. Traditional Balinese culture and design is a focus with hotels like COMO Uma Ubud offering unique experiences to guests to delve into the essence of what makes the island such a unique and wonderful place to visit.