Exclusive Edition 002 CIGARRO PURO

This farm-rolled cigar is made from tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo, the celebrated farming region of Pinar de Río in Cuba. Many of the farmers who continue the tradition of cultivating the plant come from a long line of ancestors who settled in the area from the Canary Islands of Spain. The Spanish fascination with tobacco began some five hundred years ago after Christopher Columbus discovered the island and dispatched emissaries to the interior of the island where they found the native Taíno participating in smoke rituals to communicate with their idols. Whereas today a Cuban cigar is seen as status symbol or for celebrations, in Cuba all classes of men and women enjoy the cigarro puro as a daily ritual. Available exclusively on Stories + Objects, the cigarro puro is a limited edition memento rolled in Cuban newspaper and presented in a hand-planed Spanish cedar and stone clay humidor.